In Store Music

Inform your customers about sales promotions and store events without exposing them to competitor's messages

With In Store Music you have complete control of everything your customers hear while they are shopping.

The music you have selected is the only music playing on the In Store Program. Every so often your customers will also hear one of your informative messages

Think of it as you owning a radio station! And it's the only radio station on the air waves! You are in control. You are the head of programming and chief censor.

Your customers won't hear any songs belting out profanities or risque lyrics. They won't hear any negativity or fake news or advertising from your competitors.

The only announcements and promotional messages playing on your In Store Music program will feature the information you want your customers to hear.

You could insert a message to reinforce your current advertising campaign or help promote a seasonal sale. You could be running a joint promotion with a regular supplier and insert a message to support that activity.

Perhaps you are planning to introduce your customers to anew product range. Tell them. The announcements you choose to include with your In Store Music program give you endless opportunities.

Best of all your announcements will sound totally professional. They will be created by our trained copywriters and voiced by experienced male and female voice over artists. All the messages will be recorded at our state of the art studios under the direction of our skilled Producers and Engineers.

The In Store Music program will entertain and inform your customers. By using the right sort of music and messages it will help make your place a more enjoyable place to shop

Our experts will work very closely with you to determine the optimum number of replays and the time of day each announcement will appear within the In Store Music program.

In addition to you controlling the announcements you also direct the selection of music Our Royalty Free Music libraries are extensive and contain music of all types. Working hand in hand with you, we will create the playlists for the In Store Music program choosing tracks that match the style of music preferred by your customers.

You probably already know what music style(s) will appeal to your customers. As a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we also have a specialised knowledge and in depth understanding of how sound works. Together we will create a unique ambience for your store using In Store Music

It goes without saying that we are very interested to see that you get the most out of In Store Music. We are sure you will see the benefits in your "bottom line". We believe it will happen very quickly and when you start to share those results with others in the industry we will have created a situation where everybody wins

Right now we invite you to listen to some samples of announcements we have made for various In Store Music programs. Click here.