In Store Music

Be impressed by the selling power of In Store Music at your place. Take up our free 30 day trial offer.

It really is impossible to imagine how well In Store Music works until you try it at your place. So we invite you to take a 30 day FREE TRIAL.

This FREE TRIAL offer is for real. We will not ship you an off-the-shelf sample. When you ask for the trial offer we will create a bespoke program just for you.

You know your business better than anyone. And we all know that no two businesses are exactly the same. For that reason every In Store Music program is different. Your FREE TRIAL will be a program created especially for your customers.

The music we choose will come from our library of Royalty Free Music. The tracks selected will be judged to have appeal to your customer profile.

In addition, to complete the sample program, we will write and produce promotional messages that are relevant to your store. These messages will be inserted to play occasionally throughout the In Store Music FREE TRIAL program

The idea behind this FREE TRIAL offer is to let you and your customers experience the nearest thing to an actual full-length In Store Music program.

The special audio player to run the program will be sent to you for use throughout the duration of the trial. You only have to connect the player to a suitable amplifier and speakers.

Remember we will supply the FREE TRIAL with absolutely no obligation to continue after the initial 30 days.

At the end of the 30 day FREE TRIAL you can elect to carry on and subscribe to In Store Music OR you can simply return the equipment we provided for the Free Trial.

When you have an In Store Music program playing at your place, your customers will be kept informed about any store activities like sales or special promotions because they'll hear the occasional messages inserted in the program. The rest of the time customers and your staff will enjoy the music tracks and the ambience created.

The play lists for the music will use selected tracks from our Royalty Free Music library. By using our Royalty Free Music you will save a bundle because you will not be liable to pay the annual fees levied on Australian businesses by APRA and PPCA.

When In Store Music is running at your place all the messages your customers hear are your messages. Nobody else will get to place advertising there and all the messages will be made according to your instructions.

Let's say you want to promote a sale or special offer. Or you may want to include a season's greeting. Our copywriters will script the messages for you to approve. We will then record the messages at our Gold Coast recording studios using our professional male and female voice artists.

Now you have a chance to find out all about In Store Music with this generous 30 day FREE TRIAL offer. How can we afford to do it? What's the catch? It's simple, we know how well In Store Music works.

We know from experience that within 30 days you'll see how much impact In Store Music has in creating a relaxed mood and assisting your point of sale activities.

Don't miss this chance to prove the value of In Store Music at you place of business.To arrange an In Store Music 30 Day FREE TRIAL Click here.