In Store Music

In Store Music Digital Equipment. It's reliable, simple to operate and cost effective.

To have an In Store Music program running at your place we supply a very reliable, very compact, solid state player unit. This is the same unit we send when you take up our offer of a 30 Day FREE TRIAL.

We will write and record your trial program of music and messages and load the program into the unit's memory. When the unit arrives at your place all you have to do is connect it to a suitable amplifier and speaker system.

When the 30 Day FREE TRIAL offer comes to an end you have to make a choice. If you decide to take up a subscription to In Store Music you simply keep the unit and we'll start working on preparing and recording your next In Store Music program.Otherwise if you decide not to take up a subscription you will need to return the unit.

These remarkable little players will produce high quality sound and run trouble free for years. The unit is very simple to use, easy to set up and needs little or no maintenance except for an occasional dusting.