Phone Messages

An external player unit may be required to replay Messages On Hold over some telephone systems.

New telephone systems tend to favour VOIP technology where recorded messages can be replayed from the internal memory. However a great number of systems still need an external unit to replay Messages On Hold to callers waiting on the line.

Introducing the MOH 1200. This is one of the most popular external players for replaying Messages On Hold.

The MOH 1200 is a compact, solid state player that is simple to operate and has a reputation for exceptional reliability. It comes with a full 3- year warranty.

With your messages running off a standard USB memory stick or "thumb drive", the MOH 1200 is not only easy to use it also means any updates can be quickly added to the program or existing messages can be changed to suit the season.

The MOH 1200 is supplied complete with operating instructions, power supply, audio cable and can be easily installed by a telephone technician.There is an inbuiltspeakerin the MOH 1200 so you can check that the messages are playing correctly. Plus there is a volume control so you can adjust the replay levelcallers hear over the telephone.

If you need to change or update your messages all you do is remove the USB stick from the MOH 1200 and put it in your computer. We will send you a link to go online and download the new On Hold Messages to your computer. When you have completed the download, simply return the USB stick to the MOH 1200.

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