Our Copywriters are trained to help you stay on message, to cut through the clutter and save you hours of anguish.

When you need a script written what will you do? Panic because you have to pull on your creative helmet and dive into the verbal abyss? Will you run shrieking into the mysterious world of the Thesaurus? Or will ask for our expert assistance?

We have experienced Copywriters just itching to get into your briefs. They're eagerly awaiting the opportunity to assemble the words that will best achieve your objective and communicate your message.

Copywriting is a learned art. As with poetry, all copywriting is based on the economy of words. However writing for the spoken word differs widely from the discipline of writing for a print medium. Our Copywriters understand this andwill achieve the impact you desire tosuccinctly deliver a message to the target audience.

Our writers have been trained to appreciate that professional voice artists don't just read words. Instead they add an unwritten element to the script through use of inflection, minor alterations in tone, speed and the occasional pause.

Appreciating how an audio script communicates becomes an essential part of effective copywriting and our writers are ever-ready to exploit the tricks.If you have to prepare a script for the spoken word for use in radio, television the internet an e-Learning project or the telephone we have the copywriters who will craft it for you.

All you have to do is forward your brief. Tell us in a few lines what the task is and without delay we'll get down to preparing a draft script.

Somewhere in your office someone may have already started working on writing the script. Or you might be updating or amending an existing script. All this material should form part of your brief. Send whatever you think will be useful for our writers.

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