Using professional voiceover talent vastly improves the cut-throughof any e-Learning project.

There's no doubt that with the continued advances in technology lesstime and money is required to create exciting e-Learning projects. The production capabilities of today's mobile devices was unimagined just a few years back.

The video side is approaching perfection. The camera even in a budget phone offers incredible clarity and these devices have a host of post-production features.

Now the only thing missing is the professional voice over. And it's the lack of that good voice talent that lowers the impact and memorability of the whole project.

However things have changed. Now access to Australia's best voice over artists is just a click or two away.

Because we are part of Media Group, Australia's business audio specialists, we can provide you with a huge choice of male and female voice over talent.Trained and experienced professionals who are available to record your e-Learning project.

These male and female voice-over artists are accomplished actors who have a background performing in television, on radio and stage as well as in recording studios creating commercial messages, documentaries and advertisements.

Now to begin choosing the best voice or voices for your e-Learning project all you have to do is listen to some samples. We've put together a wide selection of sample recordings of our voice artists for you to audition online.

To listen to some samples of our male and female voice artists, Click here.

While you are listening to the various samples think about the voice you want on your next e-Learning project. Keep in mind that these professional voice artists are very versatile. They are able to read the script according to your direction. What you should be listening for is the timbre in the voice; the resonance and distinctive tone.

Having chosen a voice you think will be suitable for your e-Learning project you will need to establish their availability andwhat costs are involved.

We will provide an online quote, in the strictest confidence, free of charge. Simply forward a copy of your script. We will reply with your FREE QUOTE. Click here.

Once you have the quote for your preferred voice talent, andit meets the budget, you canask us for a sample recording of your chosen talent - a FREE DEMO.

For your demonstration or FREE DEMOwe willarrange the voice talent to read a small extract from your actual script. You can then accurately judgewhether the voicetalent you have chosen is right for the job.

We will arrange the recording and send you a link so you can go online and listen to the Free Demo.

To request a FREE DEMO Click here.

You can listen to the FREE DEMO online as often as you wish. When you are sure you have selected the right voice talent, and assuming the script is fully approvedwe cango ahead and do the final recording.

When we are doing the final recording with your preferred voice artist you may choose to be present in person to direct the session.

If you can't make it to the studio in person we can arrange a 3-way telephone hook-up between you, the voice talent and our studio engineer. It's almost as good as being in the control room, but saves you travelling and time away from your office.

You also have the option to brief one of our experienced in-house Producers to direct the session on your behalf. We will go ahead and record the session in your absence according to your instructions.

The recording will be scheduled at Media Group studios located at Nerang on the Queensland Gold Coast.

When we have completed the voice recording we will forward a link to youand you can download the file in the format you require.

We can provide access to all the takes done during the session, or you can instruct us to select only the best takesfor uploading. You can then compile them as required into the final voice track.

If you prefer, we can finish the audio on your behalf. We will compile the voice track using the best takes and mix the voice with music and appropriate sound effects. We will then send a link for you to access the finished audio track ready for youto edit the vision component and complete the project.

The choice is all yours. From selecting the right voice to deciding whether you want to direct the recording session in person or over the phone. Or you may decide to brief our production staff and let our studio complete the audio track according to your instructions. We will work in any way you feel is best suited to thebudget and your deadline.

Make a start now. Begin by listening to the voice samples online. Choosethe talent you think will suit the project. Then request a free quote. You can also request a Free Demo so you can audition the voiceover talent actually reading an extract of your script.

To get started now use the "Let's Chat" button. Or call the telephone number at the bottom of this page.